Command-line job search tool, using the AuthenticJobs API (and potentially more sources later)
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This is a command-line script for getting a job. It's written
in Python, the preferred programming language of the unemployed. 

Right now, it has options to search AuthenticJobs by keyword
and location. Output can be piped to grep for filtering --
eventually it will look nice without having to do things
like that.

If you have urlview, it can cut through the bullshit and cull
the URLs from your query's matched listings so as to display them
to you legibly.

Here is how that works.

$ chmod +x /path/to/
$ edit /path/to/   # put in your API key
$ alias getajob='/path/to/'

$ getajob design mobile
# go after the Angry Birds market

$ getajob --state="ny" web
# I'd work upstate again but I'd also take bklyn

$ getajob --city="los angeles" "art direction" 
# move out west and start over
# TODO: boolean queries, so a '!porn' arg or some other such operator
# could be used to clarify the above.

$ getajob --find="\d\d\d\,?\d\d\d" finance
# use regexes to ensure that you'll get a six-figure salary

$ getajob --full-time design typography
$ getajob --freelance design typography
$ getajob --contract design typography
# same work, different power dynamics

$ getajob --apikey="lsdufliueglgersljhfgdsfjhg" design mobile
# replace that gibberish with your AuthenticJobs API key,
# if necessary

$ getajob -u --city="new york" hiring
# use urlview to show a straight-up list of those hiring
# NB. hardcoded now to /opt/local/bin/urlview, sry

It's PRE-ALPHA right now, which means it can't actually
get you a job at the moment. We are not responsible for
you -- use at your own risk and enjoy! Yes.