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a true measurements of your daily digital fatigue
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A true measurements of your daily digital fatigue.

  • Have you ever had the problem quantifing the work you've done?
  • Is your boss or your client never happy about how much you produced?
  • Isn't it just complicated to assess the value of your daily production of wireframes or screens?

Those days are over!

Screen to Kilos is the first ever plugin to transform your daily fatigue into a measurable and understandable amount. It tells you how many kilos of work you produced if you would print it on beautiful and precious 200g paper and it humanizes the data by giving you a reference in high quality food types lik Blue fin Tuna or Kobe beef.

Alt text

This first version has sadly hardcoded prices, but i will try to incorporate some live data as soon as i learn some more cocoaScript. This is the first of few more Unproductivity plugins to come from myself @ automato farm

Let your boss appreciate you and Enjoy your work one kilo at a time.

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