A map that uses colorful icon and geo-location to help visitors find their way around the museum
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A map that uses colorful icon and geo-location to help visitors find their way around the museum

The map is made up of an assortment of icons, of which the user can click to view more information about the location on the map. The user can also select direction to the icon from where they are currently standing using the geolocation API The user will be able to use links from the infopanes on each individual building to find more content about the landmark they are currently near The user will be able to search for other locations without having to manipulate the map directly

Testing this Web App

In order to test this web app in it's current state, the user must download the zip file containing the source code, extract the files to a new folder on their desktop and run the Index.html file using the web browser of their choice

It is important to note that OSV-Virtual-Map is not compatible with most versions of internet explorer the map application is fully responsive, and any issues on modern devices/browsers and desktop devices should be reported in the issues tab for further testing

Contributing to this Project

There are three major ways to contribute to this project,

  • The submission of improved javascript/html/Css code directly through a github pull request. These code samples will be reviewed and added to the master branch after testing.
  • The submission of improved "flavor" text within the app itself, correcting any historical or data errors in the flavor text itself. These requests for information changes can be submitted through a Pull Request or brought to my attention through an email to efisher@fishertechsolutions.com, in which I will review the submitted changes and add them to the virtual map
  • The testing of the web app and the submission of user data related to the stability, speed and utility of the app itself.