My print friendly resume, written in HTML and CSS
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Fisher Evans - Resume

I set out to create a print-friendly resume for a couple reasons:

  • High availability Any desktop, phone, tablet, laptop, PlayStation, smart watch and Arduino can view it with no additional software.
  • Versatile This page can viewed as a web document, exported as a PDF or printed to physical paper. It's a win-win for all involved.
  • Customization With the availability of CSS, and the structure of HTML, it's easy to make my resume look exactly how I want it. It's also easy to update and swap out data. No fancy publishing software needed.
  • Fun Most of all, it was fun. It offered a new challenge. Most websites these days aim to support mobile phones more than anything else. Bringing it back to the root - good old paper - was a nice change.

You can find a live demo of this project here:

Please, let me know if you have any comments, questions or comments. You can find me over on my website:

PS: If you find a typo, please don't be a jerk. Let me know :).