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Fish Folk: Punchy

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A 2.5D side-scroller beat-’em-up, made in Bevy. Inspired by games like Little Fighter 2, River City Ransom and many more.



Web Build

We keep our web build current with our latest relese.

Previous versions of the web build can also be found linked on their respective release pages.

Building current development version

If you wish to check out changes not yet made it into a release, you can build the game for yourself.

  1. If you dont have it installed already, Install rust and the latest stable toolchain with
  2. If you are running Linux, ensure you have Bevy's dependancies installed.
  3. Clone this repository: git clone
  4. In the repository base, cargo run to compile and run the project.


Anyone involved in the Fish Folk community must follow our code of conduct.

Punchy is currently at an early stage of development, if you want to contribute the best way to get started is to join us at the Spicy Lobster Discord and check out our help-wanted issues.

Before committing and opening a PR, please run the following commands and follow their instructions:

  1. cargo clippy -- -W clippy::correctness -D warnings
  2. cargo fmt

Or if you install just you can simply run just check.

MVP Spec