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vsh - HashiCorp Vault interactive shell
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vsh usage

vsh is an interactive HashiCorp Vault shell which treats vault secret paths like directories. That way you can do recursive operations on the paths. Both, vault KV v1 and v2 are supported. Further, copying/moving secrets between both versions is supported.

vsh can also act as an executor in a non-interactive way (similar to bash -c "<cmd>").

Integration tests are running against vault 1.2.2.

Supported commands

mv <from-path> <to-path>
cp <from-path> <to-path>
rm <dir-path or filel-path>
ls <dir-path // optional>
cd <dir-path>
cat <file-path>

Unlike unix, cp and rm always have the -r flag implied, i.e., every operation works recursively on the paths.

Interactive mode

export VAULT_ADDR=http://localhost:8080
export VAULT_TOKEN=root
export VAULT_PATH=secret/  # VAULT_PATH is optional
http://localhost:8080 /secret/> 

Note: in order to query the root / the VAULT_TOKEN should have permissions to list the available secret backends (sys/mounts/). In case you do not have those permissions you can use VAULT_PATH to set the start path and avoid queries on sys/mounts/.

Note: the given token is used for auto-completion, i.e., quite some List() queries are done with that token, even if you do not rm or mv anything. If your token has a limited number of uses, then consider using the non-interactive mode to avoid auto-completion queries.

Non-interactive mode

export VAULT_ADDR=<addr>
export VAULT_TOKEN=<token>
./vsh -c "rm secret/dir/to/remove/"

Local Development


  • golang v1.12.7
  • docker for integration testing
  • make for simplified commands
make compile
make integration-test


  • sys/mounts/ permission needed at the moment for auto-completion --> disable auto-completion on top level if permission not given
  • tree command
  • currently mv behaves a little different from UNIX. mv /secret/source/a /secret/target/ should yield /secret/target/a
  • caching List() queries to reduce IO / token usage (?)
  • more integration tests!
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