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clone of official ctags repo with obj-c and css patches added
C VHDL TeX HTML VimL Shell Other
branch: master

Units: remove temporary files when fuzz is successfully done

Signed-off-by: Masatake YAMATO <>
latest commit 1c2e2c12c1
@masatake masatake authored
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Eiffel Remove CVS keywords
Units go: add function argument parsing test
data Fix filename references to files in docs/
docs Merge pull request #288 from masatake/sparse-syntax-checker
fnmatch vs2013 errno defined twice
gnu_regex Updated to use regex code from glibc.
libexec/drivers Updated coffeetags tests to be POSIX compliant
main Rename ./core to ./main
misc Units: remove temporary files when fuzz is successfully done
parsers go: fix memory leak
website Remove CVS keywords
win32 Rename ./core to ./main
.ctags Now that Tests/ is gone, it can be removed here as well
.gdbinit Brought web site and win32 build directory into CVS and build process.
.gitignore Adapt to change program name Tuning of indentation. Still only approximate.
.travis.yml travis.yml: only run linux commands in linux
COPYING Initial restoration.
EXTENDING.html small changes in EXENDING.html
FAQ Change for modern versions of Vim.
INSTALL Initial restoration.
INSTALL.oth Remove Borland C++ 5.5 compiler related code and files
MAINTAINERS docs: Remove references to testing.mak Rename ./core to ./main
NEWS.exuberant Merge remote-tracking branch 'git-svn' into sourceforge
NEWS.fishman Fix filename references to files in docs/
README.exuberant add FISHMAN announcement and README and NEWS according to announcemen… Add basic information how to build and install
TRACKING Fix filename references to files in docs/ added as that is what people are used to Rename ./core to ./main Adapt to change program name
ctags.spec Updated release targets of maintainer makefile and modified other fil…
index.html Fixed up files relating to new parsers added by David Fishburn.
maintainer.mak Remove CVS keywords
mk_mingw.mak Rename ./core to ./main
mk_mvc.mak Rename ./core to ./main
mkinstalldirs Remove CVS keywords
readtags.c readtags: add help(-h) option
readtags.h Remove CVS keywords
source.mak Add clojure support

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This project continues the development of exuberant-ctags, but with the work hosted at github.

The purpose of the project is preparing and maintaining common/unified working space where people interested in making exuberant-ctags better can work together.

Pull-requests are welcome!

How to build and install

Like most Autotools-based projects, you need to do:

$ autoreconf -vfi
$ ./configure --prefix=/where/you/want # defaults to /usr/local
$ make
$ make install # may require extra privileges depending on where to install

After installing the ctags executable will be in $prefix/bin/.

To build on Windows see docs/windows.rst for more information.

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