openhardware f3 flight controller with an integraded uSKY receiver
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tinyFISH -- tiny / light / f3 / integrated receiver

My approach to build a small and lightweight flight controller.

See for more details.

tinyFISH image

This thing is TINY! The outer dimensions are 20x20mm with a 16mm hole-to-hole spacing. It runs betaflight and includes a FrSky compatible RX, a current- and voltage-sensor, a blackbox logger, and it is open hardware -- go and build one yourself!

Key features:

  • STM32F303 CPU
  • MPU6000 gyro (SPI connection!)
  • integrated FrSky compatible rx based on uSKY
  • integrated current- and voltage sensor
  • integrated blackbox logger
  • betaflight ready

This work is published under the CERN open hardware license v1.2. Feel free to use the design - but make sure to give proper credit and release all modifications under the same license! See LICENSE.txt for details!


Build your own

Make sure to init the git submodule for the libraries in the kicad_misc directory by calling git submodule init && git submodule update. You will have to use a recent kicad version, i used the commit #efdfaeb when i designed this circuit board. Older versions will probably not work.