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My approach to a custom, fully graphic OSD for analog video without using special hardware.

Some time ago I got annoyed by the available OSD solutions and I started to look for alternatives. Nowadays small micro controllers are fast enough and include fancy features like DMA so that the OSD generation can be handled in software. I selected a STM32F3 due to the availability in small packages and the necessary features I needed and got working.

tinyOSD youtube video

The result:

  • Fully opensource
  • Very high update rates
  • Full graphic overlays and animations
  • Custom, nice font (can be changed)
  • Currently showing 35 chars in 13 lines
  • "Multi-color": up to eight levels of gray on the screen
  • Configurable global brightness and "blackness" setting

In addition I also release the hardware design of a reference implementation that also includes a RTC6705 vide transmitter chip: see

Please refer to my blogpost for more details: