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Shiny Gadget for CDECRetrieve Package
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A map-based interface to the CDECRetrieve package. The goal of this Shiny Gadget is to aid discovery of CDEC gaging stations, sensors available at each station, and dates of availability.


An internet connection is required both to display the map and retrieve data from CDEC.

Installation of CDECRetrieveGUI requires the R package remotes.

> install.packages("remotes")


CDECRetrieveGUI is only available through GitHub.

> remotes::install_github("fishsciences/CDECRetrieveGUI")

Basic Usage

After installing the CDECRetrieveGUI package, a menu item is added to the Addins dropdown menu in RStudio. Selecting CDECRetrieveGUI from the Addins menu will launch the CDECRetrieveGadget. Alternatively, you can launch the gadget by running the following code in RStudio.

> CDECRetrieveGUI::CDECRetrieveGadget()

Station locations are mapped by selecting a county from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the CDECRetrieveGadget. When the gadget is first launched, Sacramento is selected from the county dropdown menu, CDECRetrieve::cdec_stations(county = "SACRAMENTO") is run, and results are mapped. Clicking on a circle displays the Station ID in a popup and selects the station for use on the Build Query tab.

Because more than one station can have the same lat/lon coordinates, it is not possible to select those stations separately from the map. Thus, when a station is selected, all other stations with the same lat/lon coordinates are included on the Build Query tab. The top table on the Build Query tab shows the station metadata. The bottom table shows the sensor data for the selected station(s). When the gadget is first launched, FPT and FPX are the selected stations. The sensor table is populated by calling CDECRetrieve::cdec_datasets(station) for each station.

Clicking on a row in the sensor table updates the date range picker and generates the code to query CDEC with CDECRetrieve::cdec_query(). [Warning: By default, the date range picker uses the start and end dates for the selected row from the sensor table, which might generate long-running queries.] The cdec_query() code block can be copied and pasted into an R script or the R console. Alternatively, clicking on Insert code in script will insert the code at the location of the cursor in the R script window. When the gadget is running, though, you can't change the location of the cursor so you need to place the cursor appropriately before launching the gadget.

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