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fiskaly KassenSichV client for iOS -
Swift Objective-C C
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FiskalyKassenSichvExample for iOS

What is this about?

This is a small (proof-of-concept) example, that demonstrates the how the client-side executed, pre-compiled, shared SMA library (contained in FiskalyKassensichvSma.framework) provided by fiskaly GmbH can be integrated into an Objective-C or Swift iOS app.

This is not a feature-complete iOS client library! Instead it should give you a rough idea

  • how we envision the integration of the SMA component on iOS devices,
  • how the communiction between the PoS software and the SMA (i.e. via a JSON-RPC 2.0 based protocol) works
  • and how the SMA is used to intercept and sign transaction-related requests.

This should be the starting point for developing a reusable Swift or Objective-C based client that will eventually be hosted on, similar to clients for other languages and runtimes (e.g.

How to get this example running?

  1. go to, create an account and generate some test data and an API key + secret
  2. open FiskalyKassensichvExample.xcodeproj
  3. navigate to ViewController.swift, search for //TODO comments and insert appropriate values for tssId, clientId, apiKey and apiSecret
  4. build and run the project on any iOS device or simulator (⌘B ⌘R)
  5. the app should now be running
  6. every click on the Send button will start a new transaction with the process data provided in the first text field
  7. the lower text field will contain the response body of the start transaction request from the API

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