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fiskaly KassenSichV client for JavaScript / WebAssembly -
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fiskaly KassenSichV client for JavaScript / WebAssembly

The fiskaly KassenSichV client is an HTTP client that is needed1 for accessing the API that implements a cloud-based, virtual CTSS (Certified Technical Security System) / TSE (Technische Sicherheitseinrichtung) as defined by the German KassenSichV (Kassen­sich­er­ungsver­ord­nung).

[1] compliance regarding BSI CC-PP-0105-2019 which mandates a locally executed SMA component for creating signed log messages.

What is this about?

This is a small (proof-of-concept) example, that demonstrates the how the client-side executed, pre-compiled, shared SMA library provided by fiskaly GmbH can be integrated into an JavaScript based Web app.

This is not a feature-complete client library (yet)! Instead it should be considered a technical proof-of-concept implementation.

How to get this example running?

  1. go to, create an account and generate some test data and an API key + secret
  2. run $ git submodule update --init to obtain the pre-compiled SMA library
  3. run $ npm install for installing all build utilities
  4. open src/example.html (see src/example.html) and insert appropriate values for apiKey and apiSecret (obtained in step 1.)
  5. run $ npm start for building the library and running a local HTTP server for testing
  6. open http://localhost:8080/example.html in your Web browser


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