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(WIP) Alternative IntelliJ IDEA Twig plugin
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(WIP) idea-community-twig Travis

(WIP) A plugin to replace the official closed-source Twig plugin found in IntelliJ IDEA/PhpStorm, adding enhanced functionality such as support for Find Usages and named element refactors.

Current functional differences with the official plugin

  • Code style is extended from the current HTML code style settings. This means your indents will be determined by the HTML indent settings.


Milestone 1: Feature parity with the official Twig plugin

  • Autocompletion for end braces
  • Composite Twig/HTML structure view
  • Live templates
  • Remove additional whitespace around braces during code cleanup
  • Code folding
  • Prioritise end tag hinting for close statements
  • Formatting/code style configuration
  • Allow a closing brace for a hash to be automatically inserted if not expecting an expression brace
  • Continuation indent for expressions
  • File path referencing
  • for if filter keyword recognition
  • Block ctrl-click goto - will use line markers instead

Milestone 2: Supplementary PSI features

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Line mover: Move entire statement block if caret on start/end tag (add own StatementMover)
  • Whitespace control modifier ({{-) paired brace autocomplete -- currently only removes on backspace press, where is the delete handler?
  • Annotations/Inspections
    • Mismatched end block tag
    • Declared child blocks not found in the parent template
    • Unclosed comment inspection
    • Anything other than a block in an embed/extends
    • Anything other than a include in a sandbox
    • Unexpected inverse tags
  • Annotation fixes
    • Mismatched twig tag
  • Reference support - Find usages and name refactor for the following:
    • Local variables
    • Tags - rename matching tag
    • Block names
    • Macro names
    • Scoped variables in a for block
    • Scoped variables in a macro
    • Variables declared in a parent block, recursively
    • Add tests
  • More color scheme options
  • Automatic matching tag rename on type a la HTML plugin
  • Add the special loop object when in for context
  • Auto-collapse Twig blocks as a folding option
  • String interpolation (#{foo}, #{1 + 2})
  • Safe delete for parent templates
  • Additional formatting/code style configuration
    • Spacing around operators

Milestone 3: Feature parity with community Symfony plugin Twig extensions

  • Goto parent/use block
  • Template include/extends/use block resolution goto
  • Parent block implements/extends goto on line marker
  • Macro goto on line marker
  • PHPDoc annotation support ({# @var thing \Core\Thing #})


Contributing to this project will require an environment ready to develop IDEA plugins. Read the guide

This is a Gradle project, so import and it should do everything for you without additional configuration.

Make sure all tests pass, then make a pull request. If Travis fails to build your PR, please rectify any problems. If you are writing a new feature, it is vital that you add sufficient tests!