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Using the Fission CLI to publish React sites

Fission works with any static or client side sites and apps, whether you have a single html file, or you're using a static site generator like Gatsby or Jekyll.

Here we'll walk through how to build and deploy a static site using Gatsby, but the process will be the same for any static site.

First, choose a project, and cd into the project directory. For this guide, we'll use so that anyone can follow along, but if you have another site in mind, use that!

$ git clone
$ cd

Install dependencies:

$ yarn

Build the site:

$ yarn build

cd into the build folder

$ cd public

Go interplanetary!

$ fission up
🚀 Now live on the network
👌 QmTurDD2LNBmmrxP2czBmL15415KFoxEXQ8nvJGhLrgJvU
📝 DNS Updated. Check out your site at:

Now copy that link from you terminal to your browser to see your site served live from the decentralized web!

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