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Fission Live from VSCode


Fission Live lets you instantly update files, directories and obviously websites directly to IPFS and serve them anywhere. This lets us all quickly collaborate on projects, instantly share files from the CLI all in a way that's open by default, fast and available across the planet.


Fission Up


Push a your project or an individual folder or file to IPFS and share it easily using a fission domain. E.g. ``

Fission Watch

The same as fission up, however we keep an eye on your local changes and up date your fission site to always point at your latest version.

Fission Register

We issue you a username and password and create a .fission.yaml in your home directory that stores them for you.

Fission Login

_Login to an existing account


Fission is your toolkit for easily interfacing with IPFS. To get started, you'll need to install IPFS as well as the Fission CLI tool.

Installing IPFS

We recommend the ipfs-desktop client especially if you are new to IPFS. You can drag and drop files, browse your local IPFS files visually, and even integrate a shortcut for taking screenshots and auto-uploading them to IPFS.

The IPFS daemon starts automatically when you run the desktop.

If you're on Mac with Homebrew, the simple one-liner for installing ipfs is:

brew install ipfs

To start the local IPFS daemon:

brew services start ipfs

Check the Fission Installation Guide for extended instructions for all platforms.

Installing Fission


brew tap fission-suite/fission
brew install fission-cli

Linux / Windows Subsystem

# Download our binary
\ -o fission-cli

# Give it executable permission
sudo chmod +x ./fission-cli

# And move the file to your PATH:
sudo mv ./fission-cli /usr/local/bin/fission

That's it! Double check that it's installed correctly:

fission --help

Known Issues

Unfortunately you will not be able to run fission commands if the current editor is not a text editor. This could be images or binary files.

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