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Fission Kafka - IOT Demo

Setup Kafka

For setting up Kafka on Kubernetes, we will use kubernetes-kafka repo here.

Follow the instructions in Getting started section and install Kafka & Zookeeper after appropriate storage class is configured.


In addition you can install components below:

  • yahoo-kafka-manager : Provides a nice UI to look at replication & rebalance stats across topics

  • pixy: Provides a REST/GRPC API wrapper to Kafka. You can list, publish & consume messages using REST or GRPC.

Setup Redis

We will setup redis without persistence and as a single instance (i.e. no master & slave). You can customize the command as per your needs based on instrcutions from here. Also note that for simplicity - Redis has been setup without a password.

helm install --name redis-single --namespace redis \
  --set usePassword=false \
  --set cluster.enabled=false \
  --set master.persistence.enabled=false \