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Settings Window

This is a Beta, meaning functionality is limited

  • Installation
  • note if you already have a version of the plugin installed, please remove it first in chrome://chrome/extensions/ by clicking on the little trash can icon by the respective Phormatter plugin. Also be sure that Chrome is as up to date as possible in terms of versioning.

  • this extension does not offer authentication, you will need to open a new tab and make sure you've signed into PT to ensure you have the authentication cookies needed.

  1. click or visit to download extension
  2. open the following url in chrome chrome://chrome/extensions/
  3. drag and drop the downloaded extension in step 1 into the page offered by step 2.

currently beta functionality:

  1. side by side threads and thread render
  2. my threads layout similar to above
  3. highlight "my threads" when they appear on main board.
  4. main board is just page 1 of PT for now.
  5. can post a reply to a thread / can not create new threads yet
  6. displays photos and you tubes "inline" (meaning right in the page, so be careful for NSFW)
  7. My favorite, hit the space bar to update threads.
  8. Tabs to show the current page, or an "Everything" to show the entire thread.
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