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A simple URL shortener in node.js
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Crountch! URL shortener

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Crountch is an really basic URL shortener writen in ECMAScript for node.js using babel, pug, express and sqlite


I wanted to understand what node.js was so suddently popular. I still doesn't understand.


  • node.js Obviously. Don't know wich version. A recent one I guess.
  • npm but since it comes with node.js...
  • (Optional) git to clone/update the sources


  • Create a dedicaced user: sudo useradd crountch
  • Create the installation folder: sudo mkdir -p /opt/Crountch
  • Give this folder to the crountch user: sudo chown crounch:crountch /opt/Crountch
  • Clone this repository: sudo -u crountch git clone /opt/Crountch
  • Go to this folder: cd /opt/Crountch
  • Install the depencies: sudo -u crountch npm install
  • Compile the ugly ECMAScript 2015 in a more ugly vanilla javascript for node: sudo -u crountch npm run build
  • That's it


  • You can run it "as is" with npm run serve
  • Or you can use the systemd script in init:
    • sudo cp /opt/Crountch/init/crountch.service /etc/systemd/system/
    • sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    • sudo systemctl start crountch To run it
    • sudo systemctl enable crountch To enable it on boot
    • You are not using systemd? Too bad, but maybe there is someone good in this world who would contribute with a nice script for your init system?
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