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Transform Twitter Feeds to Rss
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Transform Twitter Feeds to Rss

What is this?

It is a web application written in python use to transform tweet in RSS feed. Well, right now it is more a proof of concept... All you have to do is install the web application on your server and subscribe with your RSS client to something like that if you want to contemplate french mediocrity or to something more relevant if you prefer.

What do I need?

Right now, python 3.5. Well, I work with Python 3.5, but maybe it works with older version, I don't know. Give it a try. And if doesn't work, too bad then.

How does it work?

Just git clone the project, install the requierements and launch Tweet2Rss. Then, open your browser, go to http://localhost:8080/tw/nadine__morano for look at one of the best french politian/humorist ever. Tada! A mighty RSS feed

Do I need a Twitter account or some API key shit or something?

No. I aim to directly parse the HTML output of the Twitter website.

But if I want to follow a protected account?

You can't right now. And, let's be honnest, probably never will.

But if twitter decide to change their HTML output?

Then I'm fucked and I will need to change the code.

Why do you do this?

Because I don't want to register on their site but still I want to follow some interesting account.

Is this legal?

Yes. Maybe. I guess.

Why do you use python instead of cool tecs like node or ruby?

Why don't you go fuck yourself with a shovel?

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