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php-steam-inventory Travis

It is not uncommon for thousands of items to exist in a single Steam inventory, and this can mean a lot of data to parse at the same time! This PHP library aims to provide a simple interface to the Steam Community inventory APIs, while making use of paginated requests to keep inventories manageable in low-memory environments.

This library comes from the experience of someone who has used these APIs for years. I hope this becomes useful for your PHP project.


composer require fisk/steam-inventory

Quick start

$client = new \SteamInventory\Client();

$inventory = $client->getInventory(new \SteamInventory\InventoryQuery(
    "76561198012598620", // steamid
    440                  // appid

foreach ($inventory->getItems() as $item) {
    $asset = $item->getAsset();
    $description = $item->getDescription();

What's inside

  • PHP bindings for the Steam community inventory APIs.
  • Seamless, configurable iteration of paginated inventory data.
  • Pairing of assets with their item descriptions.
  • A simple inventory transport that implements InventoryTransportInterface. You may swap this out if you need to change how you make web requests.
  • Tests, to make sure this library stays sane.

By default, the items fetched per page is enough to fetch a whole inventory. This is a trade-off depending on your use case; if you make too many requests, you may be subject to hitting request limits. On the other hand, you may run into memory issues if you try to process too many items at the same time.

Please note that this library does not handle exceptions thrown from network errors.


Configuration accepts the following keys:

  • language -- the language used for description strings. Defaults to english. Note that this isn't a guarantee, as some games may not be subject to i18n.
  • page_size -- the number of items to retrieve per request. Defaults to 5000.
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