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New Tech X Old Tech

Custom PC Case Missed this portion of talk…

Project Northern Lights

  • custom fight stick for Street Fighter
  • initially thought he’d punch buttons through an LCD - not a good idea!
  • ended up using LED strips from Adafruit
  • used Sketchup for designing enclosures
  • Arduino Mega for LED controller initially
  • knew NOTHING about electronics at the onset, had to start from scratch right down to getting an intro to electronics book
  • as a Java developer, found working in C on the Arduino to be very challenging
  • eventually switched to using a Raspberry Pi and programming in Python - BiblioPixel - opensource LED control library in Python
  • Brook Fighting PCB used to interface the controller with the console


  • bringing old and new tech together in new forms
  • using physical interfaces to interact with virtual tools

Virtual Pinball

  • Unreal Engine 4 - thought he’d be able to get something that looked like the trailers…vastly underestimated the size of the teams that go into creating the 3D artwork seen
  • used Sketchup again to model the pinball game
  • used plugin to export FBX files using Blender to scale the Sketchup files to work in Unreal
  • in Unreal, used Blueprint, node based gui interface for programming the pinball game, which was more than enough to meet the projects needs without getting into C++ development
  • repurposed old bookshelf into pinball cabinet
  • hooked up Oculus Rift so that you could have a great virtual pinball experience for a lot less than a real cabinet but better experience than flat screen virtual cabinets
  • choose Unreal bit probably should have gone with Unity