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Pretty Much Everything

Telling the story of his work and how it all came to be pieces of his book, from Field Notes to #thicklines

@draplin on Twitter and Instagram

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  1. Fuck Donald Trump

“I manifested a life in graphic design because I didn’t have a big portfolio.”

“All the places I go, I try to make something.”

“Is this fun? Is it cool to see it go out there?”

“Everything is a fucking Star Wars remix poster now.”

  1. Contract Negotiations

“I was never concerned with how much I was gonna make.”

  1. 1,500 Books

“I made a point of meeting every single person who worked on the book and thanking them.”

“Pack in as much as possible. Show all the stuff you pulled off.”

“Know your way around the grid.”

“People will say its so hard to make a book but no it wasn’t, it’s fun as shit. I got to be in there all day.”

  1. Leigh

“This shit goes both ways.”

“If you voted for Donald Trump, in a ballot box or your mind, you are complicit. We were making progress and we took a big combover step back. But Leigh knows what to do. She uses creativity and wit to fight back.” Leigh’s project can be found at @_notes_to_self

  • made postcards in response to Donald Trump, ie. Aaron’s fav, “Wait until our periods sync up”
  1. DDC Shop Tour

“There’s no boss here.”

“I was told it was gonna suck.”

“I don’t have anymore than anyone here. I work hard.”

“Someone told me ‘you show a lot of secrets’, like it was wrong to show all this stuff.”

  1. Accessible By Design

“The book had to be affordable.”

  1. Some Numbers

“From the third printing, we got up to 30,000.”

Book now I into it's fourth edition. Over 31000 copies sold.

  1. An Update

“Obama admin. used intelligence over force.” Designed Obama stimulus package logo.

Finds himself wondering how to be creative now that Trump is in.

Made posters for Bernie.

  1. Closing

“What’s cooler, the universe having an edge, or not?”

“You could go forever in any direction. That is real, right now. Get cosmic. If I’m having a hard day making logos I just think, the universe is eternal in every direction.”

“Denounce Don Trump whenever you can.”

Twitter/Insta: @draplin