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Ionic Strongloop Starter

A starter app for Ionic with user integration against your Strongloop backend. With this app you will be able to register new users, login, logout, and initiate a password reset request.

##Strongloop SDK information


Install Strongloop


Api location once the server is running--> localhost:3000/api

git clone
cd ionic-strongloop-starter

to start the strongloop server

cd server
slc run

the api explorer will be accessiable from localhost:3000/explorer but if you would like to access a graphical UI so you can edit your api and start the server without using the terminal/command promt much use

A strongloop account (Free) is required to use this feature

cd *server
slc arc

Once the browser is open create a new account or login

After login to start the api server from strongloop arc

Alt text

Alt text

Then click start :)


Install Ionic

View in browser

cd app
ionic serve

Show how the app will look on android and ios (using broswer)

cd app
ionic server --lab


Run on android device

cd app
ionic run android

If you would like maximum perform from your andorid app i would recommend installing crosswalk(Google Chrome Browser) in you app

cd app
ionic browser add crosswalk


Well don't have a mac yet :D



  • Add user avatar function
  • Add reset password function
  • Add some form validation


  • Setup email connector
  • Setup storage component