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FITeagle Bootstrap

Scripts and configurations to bootstrap the environment. It can be used to bootstrap the envoriment directly on your mashine or virtualized by using Docker containers.

Quick Start

Automatically download, configure and run FITeagle incl. SFA interface

This method uses maven to compile and deploy the components

curl -fsSL | bash -s init deployFT2 deployFT2sfa

Automatically download, configure and run FITeagle incl. SFA interface

This method will download precompiled war files and does not use maven which is a lof faster

curl -fsSL | bash -s init deployFT2binary deployFT2sfaBinary startJ2EE

Have a look at the J2EE Server Management Console. Default login is: admin/admin


Quickstart using docker

docker run --rm -it -p 8443:8443 -p 9990:9990 java:8-jre bash -c "apt-get update; apt-get install -y git curl unzip libxml2-utils; cd /tmp ;curl -fsSkL | bash -s deployFT2binary deployFT2sfaBinary startJ2EE testFT2sfa; bash"

Further Setup

Start XMPP Server

./bootstrap/ startXMPP

Download and Configure OMF6 on Ubuntu


Download NEPI3 EC and Example


Using Docker containers

Docker container for running fiteagle interactive

start by building an docker image based on the chekout of the bootstrap repository (note: the source could be modified)

sudo docker rmi fiteagle2test; sudo docker build --rm --force-rm --tag=fiteagle2test .

now the docker image could be used (run) the same way as the script.

./bootstrap/ deployFT2binary deployFT2sfaBinary startJ2EEdebug vs. docker run --rm -it --name=ft2test fiteagle2test deployFT2binary deployFT2sfaBinary startJ2EEdebug.

Please keep in mind that the --rm option causes a removal of the container then the executable finshed.

If you want to run multiple commands and keep the data between them omit the --rm switch and use the following command for follow up commands: docker exec -t -i ft2test <cmd>

the combined command docker run --rm -it --name=ft2test fiteagle2test deployFT2binary deployFT2sfaBinary startJ2EEdebug could be split in the following commands:

docker run -it --name=ft2test fiteagle2test deployFT2binary
docker exec -t -i ft2test /opt/fiteagle/bootstrap/ testFT2sfa deployFT2sfaBinary 
docker exec -t -i ft2test /opt/fiteagle/bootstrap/ testFT2sfa startJ2EEdebug

When the container is running the SFA test could be run inside like this docker exec -t -i ft2test /opt/fiteagle/bootstrap/ testFT2sfa testFT2sfa