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ChatOps WG 2018/01 - Infra

See ChatOps for non-DevOps people Working Group 2018/01 for more information about the motivation of this repository.

This repository is part of what is the documentation and Infrastructure as a Code on how to do a playground for test softwares and integrations related to ChatOps and strategies with their tools that allow faster boostraping of intelligent agents. Is desirable NoOps approach (for the managers and programmers, not for us DevOps that implement). The working group is limited to first semester of 2018, but the general idea is aligned with efforts in the long run with Etica.AI/forum as one way to empower non-developer people by looking how to do the interfaces of tomorrow.

If you do DevOps, a more sincere and practical explanation: we configure some open source software using containers, setup some integrations with external services to abstract complexity and then do free support for some coworkers who are testing on experimental projects aiming real world usage. They debug problems and expend way more time than would be acceptable for us to propose be tested on our companies or clients: the usage would be near bleeding-edge as a product or service even if the underline technologies are ready for use in production or it depends of knowledge beyond scope of desired for who do DevOps, but depends on our help to be archived. At the end we have not only experience on new usages as our DevOps roles, but these coworkers are willing to help we push innovation to our companies or clients.


The URL of applications that are not just to run the infrastructure , see main repository, chatops-wg.