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Strength Coach

Strength Coach is an android app that allows an user to find a fitness trainer. The app utilizes geolocation to match users with trainers.

Problem Statements

Problem Statement: Fitness trainers are really expensive

Proposed Solution

The trainers who work at well known Gyms are really expensive. The reason is that Gym decides how much they would charge for trainer's time and take a huge cut from the same.

If you look around in your Gym, there are lot of people who unserstand fitmess and can help you reach your goal. There is just no way of knowing if they are interested and what would they charge.

Our app is the marketplace which brings the trainers and users together. Trainers can sign up and choose the price and time that suits them. User can browse through trainers, look at their pictures, read reviews and book training sessions.

User Stories

The following required functionality:

  • User can open the app and see a list of trainers in near by Gyms.
  • User sees a picture, brief description, Gym information and location for each trainer in the list view.
  • User can click on a trainer picture and see details of this trainer.
  • User can read recent review of a trainer in details view.
  • User sees a map with location of Gym where trainer is located.
  • User can click on "book" button and block 1 hr long session with the trainer.
  • User is asked to login using phone number before he can book a session.
  • User's phone number is validated via sms.
  • User can complete a booking.

The following optional functionality:

  • User can mark a trainer as favourite and view favorites from hamburger menu later.
  • User can select several sessions with trainer and book together.
  • User can "Ask a question" about trainer and trainer can reply to the same.
  • User starts to see the phone number of a trainer after booking a session.
  • User can change location to see trainers in a different area.
  • User can scan credit card instead of adding it manually.
  • User can invite friends to use this app (Both user and friend get $10 credit for using invite feature in case friend books a session)
  • Improving UI/UX

App mock screens can be found here.

Sprint1 Walkthrough

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Sprint2 Walkthrough

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Video recording of the walkthrough can be found here


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