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A package for Sublime Text 2 for converting CSV data to other formats
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Sublime DataConverter

This Sublime Text package converts csv files to various other formats. It's been adapted from the wonderful Mr. Data Converter.

After installing, you'll find commands look like DataConverter: to foo in the Command Palette. DataConverter will convert a selection or multiple selections. If nothing is selected, the entire document is converted.


Turn this:

Alice,10,Apple,"Sep. 12, 2012"
Bob,11,Blueberry,"Sep. 13, 2012"
Chris,12,Orange,"Sep. 14, 2012"

into this (Ruby):

[{"NAME"=>"Alice", "VALUE"=>10, "FRUIT"=>"Apple", "DATE"=>"Sep. 12, 2012"},
{"NAME"=>"Bob", "VALUE"=>11, "FRUIT"=>"Blueberry", "DATE"=>"Sep. 13, 2012"},
{"NAME"=>"Chris", "VALUE"=>12, "FRUIT"=>"Orange", "DATE"=>"Sep. 14, 2012"}];

or this (JSON):

  {"FRUIT": "Apple", "NAME": "Alice", "VALUE": "10", "DATE": "Sep. 12, 2012"},
  {"FRUIT": "Blueberry", "NAME": "Bob", "VALUE": "11", "DATE": "Sep. 13, 2012"},
  {"FRUIT": "Orange", "NAME": "Chris", "VALUE": "12", "DATE": "Sep. 14, 2012"}

Formats supported

  • ActionScript
  • ASP
  • HTML tables
  • Gherkin
  • JIRA (Atlassian Confluence)
  • JSON
  • JSON (array of columns)
  • JSON (array of rows)
  • JSON (object, first column is key)
  • Javascript object
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • PHP (two formats)
  • Python (list of dicts)
  • Python (list of lists)
  • Ruby
  • text table
  • Wiki markup
  • XML
  • XML (property list)
  • XML for data-driven Adobe Illustrator
  • YAML


Check out DataConverter.sublime-settings for a documented list of options.


With Package Control

If you have Package Control installed, you can install DataConverter from within Sublime Text 2. Open the Command Palette and enter "Package Control: Install Package", then search for DataConverter.

Without Package Control

Clone the repository into your Sublime Text 2 packages directory:

git clone git://

Without Package Control or Git

Click Download Zip above to download the package. Unzip it, rename the folder "DataConverter" and move it into your Sublime Text 2 packages directory (Preferences > Browse Packages in the application menu).


CSV containing Unicode characters aren't supported in the Sublime Text 2 version of the package. This is due to limitations in the Python 2.6 csv module. Unicode is fully supported in the Sublime Text 3 version of the package.


Submit an issue.


Pull requests with additional formats are encouraged. The YAML converter is well-commented as an introduction to how the package works.

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