helpful utilities for working with geodata with Fiona
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Utilities for working with geodata with Fiona.

By default, the only prerequisite is Fiona itself.

By default, the package installs without shapely. A small number of functions, marked below, do require shapely. To use these function, install with pip install fionautil[functionname] or just separately install shapely.



Tools for fetching the driver name, given a file suffix

  • from_file
  • From suffix


  • field_contains_test (test if a feature's properties has certain key:value pairs)
  • togeojson (return a geojson-ready object)
  • shapify (requires shapely)
  • length (requires shapely)
  • compound


  • endpoints (for polyline features)
  • startpoint (for polyline features)
  • endpoint (for polyline features)
  • azimuth (between the start and end of a polyline)
  • disjointed
  • explodepoints
  • explodesegments
  • exploderings
  • countpoints
  • countsegments
  • roundgeometry - round all coordinates in a geometry to a given precision


Most of these tools mimic builtin python itertools.

  • ffilter
  • ffilterfalse
  • fmap
  • fchain
  • freduce
  • fslice
  • fzip
  • length Total length of linear features in a file's native projection or the given Proj object
  • meta (returns a layer's meta attribute)
  • meta_complete (returns the meta attribute with addional metadata, e.g. bounds)
  • bounds (returns a layer's bounds)
  • find (return a feature that matches a particular key=value)


  • distance (between two coordinates)
  • azimuth (between two coordinates)
  • signed_area
  • clockwise (shortcut for checking if signed_area is >= 0)
  • counterclockwise (shortcut for checking if signed_area is < 0)
  • azimuth_distance (returns both azimuth and distance between two points)
  • intersect (check if two planar line segments intersect)
  • onsegment (check if a point lines on a line segment)
  • intersectingbounds (check if two bounding boxes intersect)


  • geometry - round all coordinates in a geometry to a specified precision
  • feature


Utilities for scaling a feature or geometry by a given constant. Goes faster with Numpy installed.

  • geometry
  • scale_rings
  • scale - scales a list of coordinates
  • feature - scale the geometry of a feature