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New York Rent Regulated Buildings

In New York, many privately-owned apartments are subject to limits on the rent landlords can ask. The vast majority of these apartments are called rent stabilized. An older program, rent control, has even stronger limits on rent increases and evictions.

Owners of buildings with rent-controlled and rent-stabilized apartments must register them with the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal. This registry also includes information about housing subsidy programs that apply to these buildings. But be careful, quoth DHCR: "Inclusion on the list is not determinative of the building's current status."

You can search the DHCR registry, but it's difficult to get complete data. This data set was compiled in mid-2016 using a script to methodically request all of data from the DCHR site.

The publically accessible dataset includes registrations going back to 1984. The dataset includes more than one entry for some buildings, reflecting registrations in different years.

The vast majority of properties are in the five boroughs, with a few properties in Nassau, Rockland and Westchester counties.

Using the data

The data is included as a CSV file: rentregulated.csv. The file has 68,000 rows and is 6.1 MB.

The accompanying Makefile can be used to create an SQLite database or load the data into a MySQL database:

# create an SQLite db
make rentregulated.db
# load into a mysql database called rentregulated on localhost
make mysql USER=myusername PASS=mypassword HOST=localhost

Additionally, `rentregulated.json is a GeoJSON file with geocoded addresses. A mix of Google, Mapbox and Mapzen geocoders were used.

The Makefile also includes a script to download a new copy of the data. Note that the DHCR website is very slow and buggy, and download isn't a smooth process. The script requires Python 3.5 and two common prerequisites. Run pip3.5 -r requirements.txt to install the prerequisites. Remove rentregulated.csv then run make to download the data. Running multiple processes is not recommended.


Because of the aforementioned bugginess of the DCHR site, this data may not be complete. Pull requests with verified additions are welcome.


Database of rent regulated buildings in New York state






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