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David Wasserman Holisticnature

Geodesign practitioner with an inclination to code.

United States

Pascal Weiland weiland

🍪 Engineer from Berlin. Occasionally some 🎂 and Software as well.

@bitcrowd Berlin, Germany

Pratheek Rebala pratheekrebala

Data viz @TimeMagazine. Studying International Affairs & Statistics at George Washington University.

TIME Magazine Washington, D.C.

Emily Bowe emilyrbowe

Urban nerd trying to figure this code thing out.

San Antonio, TX

Josh Levinger jlev

@spacedogXYZ Oakland, CA

Lucas Rodés lucasrodes

KTH Royal Institute Stockholm, Sweden

Carey Tan careytan

CodeEd New York, NY

Jake Rozin jaker

San Francisco ~ Paris

Matt Stiles mattstiles

The Wall Street Journal Washington, D.C.

Joe Murphy freejoe76

The Denver Post Brooklyn / Denver

Mike Dillion mikedillion

Open Data, Math, Geography, Statistics. Data Engineer at @enigma-io "burly, bearded Mike Dillion" — Wired UK, June, 2016

@enigma-io NYC

Mark Boyd mgboydcom

Platformable Barcelona, ES

Eli Pousson elipousson

I love old buildings and bicycles. I work on @baltimoreheritage @localpreservation @publicartbaltimore.

@baltimoreheritage Baltimore, MD

Chantal Marin chantalmarin

Product Manager Vertical/mobile team at eBay. MsC in Computer Science @UCL and @UC Berkeley San Francisco

Alan McConchie almccon

Stamen Design Bellingham / San Francisco

Jeremy Bowers jeremyjbowers

Senior software engineer on the interactive news team @newsdev at The New York Times. Formerly at @nprapps, @washingtonpost and the Tampa Bay Times.

The New York Times Washington, D.C.

Radovan Kavicky radovankavicky

Macroeconomist (education/academic background), Analyst (professional background). MATLAB (advanced), R (advanced) & Python (experienced). @GapData

GapData Institute Bratislava, Slovakia

Boris Anthony BorisAnthony

Berlin, DE / Montreal, CAN / Tokyo, JP

Bernhard Snizek bsnizek Copenhagen, Denmark & wehere my mac is

Chad Nelson bibliotechy

Temple University Library North Philly / South Philly

Hugo hugovk

Nord Software Helsinki, Finland

Daniel Hadley DanielHadley

I am a Data Scientist at the Sorenson Impact Center, an applied academic institution that is part of the University of Utah’s Business School.

Salt Lake City, UT

ℳℭ mtcrts



georgia bullen georgiamoon

Open Technology Institute Washington, DC

Andrei Scheinkman ascheink

FiveThirtyEight Brooklyn

saasfreelancer saas786

Owner of WordPress Themes shop , freelance WordPress Developer, Food Enthusiast and a Proud Pakistani.


Ben Selby benmatselby

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Praveen Puglia praveenpuglia

Hacking CSS. Love JavaScript. Have a zeal for good/short/meaningful names. For more...

Imaginea, Pramati Technologies Hyderabad

Aaron Ogle atogle

City of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA