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= Anka font family =

The Anka/Coder family is a monospaced, courier-width (60% of height; em size 2048x1229) font that contains characters from 437, 866, 1251, 1252 and some other code pages and can be used for source code, terminal windows etc.

There are three font sets (regular, italic, bold, bold-italic each): 1. Anka/Coder (em size 2048x1229) 2. Anka/Coder Condensed (condensed by 12.5%; em size 2048x1075) 3. Anka/Coder Narrow (condensed by 25%; em size 2048x922)

The last, "Anka/Coder Narrow" was developed for printing of source code; it is too tight for screen resolution. The middle, "Anka/Coder Condensed" can be used for both printing and screen viewing of source code, also as for displaying terminal windows. The first, full-width "Anka/Coder" simply supplements the family.

These fonts do not have raster images, so antialiasing is recommended. For MS Windows I can advise ClearTypeTuner that is available as online tools: or as installable control panel item

The files are released under the OFL license (see To generate the font from the source files you’ll need Fontforge (