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Due to recent observations¹ of conferences where politicised protestors have rallied against the respecting of basic human rights of certain members of their audience, rendering organisers incapacitated to take a stand against the offensive behaviours, I have today taken the initiative to REMOVE the following protected axes from Fit Open's Code of Conduct:

`Political identity`

We demand respect for our whole community. We strive to ensure the safety of every community member. Your political views do NOT eclipse our expectation for you to maintain a civil demeanor and respect to your fellow community members.

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bunnybooboo committed Jul 26, 2018
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## Fit Open Code of Conduct
Version 1.1
<li>Political identity</li>## Fit Open Code of Conduct
Version 1.2
### tl;dr
> 'Fit Open' strives to be an encouraging and safe space for all. We are individually and collectively committed to safety, inclusiveness, and excellence. We insist on full respect of all our members, our guests, their respective organisations, their source code, the organising team, our hosts and their property.
@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@ Version 1.1
* Education level
* Place of employment, membership, or affiliation
* Religion
* Political identity
* Diet
* Geographic location
* Any other dimension of diversity

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