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There are two scripts here. One of them adds notes to pages on Backpack, and the other adds list items to Backpack lists.

The way the scripts are currently design, you need to set them up with the information for a specific page (for the note script) or a specific list (for the list item script). You can have as many scripts as you want with different names to post to different pages or lists. I did it this way partly because I didn’t want to go to the programming work of pulling in the page or list info first and then posting to whichever you select, but partly because I wanted as few steps as possible to get the item into the system.


  1. A Mac running LaunchBar
  2. A Backpack account


Open the scripts in AppleScript Editor or TextMate. There are several variables at the top of the file that you’ll need to fill in.


  1. YOUR_API_KEY: You can find your API key by clicking on “My Info” in the top right corner of any page on your Backpack account. There is a link at the bottom of the My Info page to “show your tokens.” You’ll need the one labeled “Token for the Backpack API.”
  2. YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME: The name of your backpack account (i.e.,
  3. BACKPACK_PAGE_ID: When you visit the backpack page you want to post to, this is the number that shows up in the URL.
  4. BACKPACK_LIST_ID: For the list item script, you’ll need to find the list ID. This isn’t exactly a straightforward process. The easiest way is to right click on the list title and choose “Inspect Element” in Safari or Chrome. This will give you a view with the list title selected, that will say something like the code below, where the number after show_list is your list ID.

<highlightable hover_container="show_list_888888">Foo Bar</highlighteable>

  1. You’ll also need to decide whether or not you’re using SSL. If your account level is high enough to include SSL, enter “yes” for that variable. If not, enter “no.”


Now save the scripts in ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions/ using whatever name you want to use. Using the name of the page or list in the title is probably advisable if you’re going to have multiple pages and/or lists.

Relaunch LaunchBar or refresh the LaunchBar index, and you’re ready to go.


To use the script, call it up in LaunchBar and hit space bar to enter text entry mode. Enter your text and hit enter to post to Backpack.

The note script has some additional syntax that the list item script doesn’t have. If you want to include a title for your note, you can put the title first and separate it from the body with a colon. If you want something other than a colon, you can edit the AppleScript and change “set text item delimiters to” from a colon to whatever you want. I presume that requiring double colons or something would also work, but I’ve never tried it.