LaunchBar script for accessing the LESSN URL shortener API.
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  1. A Mac with LaunchBar installed.
  2. A LESSN install on your web server.
  3. Your LESSN API key (available from the admin interface in your LESSN install)

Deployment Instructions

  1. Open the script file in AppleScript Editor or TextMate.
  2. Replace variables at the top of the script with your info (your api key and your domain name where LESSN is installed.)
  3. Save the file in ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions and either relaunch LanchBar or tell it to reindex. Whatever filename you use when you save it is how it will show up in LaunchBar.

Usage Instructions

  1. Copy URL
  2. Activate LaunchBar
  3. Select your script
  4. Hit space bar to activate text entry into the script
  5. Paste URL and hit enter

After a brief wait, after which LaunchBar will deactivate, the shortened URL will be in your clipboard.