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FLFramework is a french PHP Framework in development. I don't want to be as stronger and complex than Zend or Symphony but I just want to learn how framework are implemented and take the best of each of them to keep it simple.


PHP5, Sass, Javascript


  • authentification helper

  • e-mail helper

  • form helper

  • pagination helper

  • paypal payment helper

  • cdiscount helper

  • rss helper

  • session helper

  • upload helper

  • token helper

  • contentType helper

  • token helper

  • url rewriting module

  • multilinguisme module

  • traduction module

  • webservice module

  • cache module

  • log module

  • custom error manager module

  • ORM for the DAL

  • DAL generator module with documentation

  • Compass

  • jQuery, jQuery UI and many other JS plugins

  • Grunt task runner for uglify/minify/compile sass/compress img


  • Refactor the error management system
  • Improve the queryBuilder