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This is an extension to [erin.el] ( that allows retrieving and posting TWiki pages from within Emacs.

This extension uses Emacs's built-in URL package and interprets response HTML using regexps. I'm not sure how applicable or robust it is for TWiki installations in general, but it's very convenient for the intranet TWiki I use daily at work, which doesn't support any sort of proper RPC mechanism. And this mode avoids TWiki's built-in editors completely (which are a pain, even for copy-from-browser/edit-in-Emacs/paste-into-browser use cases).


Put erin.el at /path/to/erin/erin.el, then add the following to your initialization file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/erin")
(require 'erin)

Customize erin-url-format and erin-username for your TWiki installation. By default temporary files will be stored in ~/.emacs.d/erin for editing.


There's no support for conflict detection or resolution, so avoid using this mode to edit high-traffic topics. If prior to posting a change you suspect someone else may have edited the same topic in the meantime, re-run erin-edit-topic to get the freshest copy, then merge your old and new temporary files, e.g. using ediff.


Log in: M-x erin-log-in

Edit a topic: M-x erin-edit-topic

[edit the topic in erin-mode]

Commit edits: C-c C-c

Cancel edits: C-c C-k

Log out: M-x erin-log-out