Animated gif notifications whenever you get paid through Stripe
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Make It Rain

Get a random "make it rain" gif every time you get paid through Stripe.

Works with HipChat + Slack.


Current selection of gifs:

Send pull requests to the gh-pages branch to add more.

How to use

  1. Copy config.sample.php to config.php

  2. Update it with either your Hipchat or Slack API info (see below)

  3. Add a webhook to your Stripe account

  • Your secret is set in config.php and known only to Stripe so nobody can ping that URL and give you a false notification.

For Hipchat

  1. Go to
  2. Click your room and copy "API ID" to the channel setting in config.php
  3. In "Tokens" for that room, create a token with label "Just got paid" and copy it to config.php

For Slack

  1. Go to
  2. Create a webhook for your desired channel
  3. Copy the webhook URL to config.php

Contributing gifs

New gifs are welcomed and encouraged. Check the existing ones, grab the gh-pages branch of this repo, and submit a pull request to add one.