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The Egyptian Coffins Project - Fitzwilliam Museum


Contributors: ORCiD ORCiD

This respository will hold code for the new Egyptian coffins website project, documenting the work of a multidisciplinary team at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge University.

To run locally

  • Install Jekyll on your machine following these instructions
  • Install Git on your machine following these instructions
  • Clone the code for this repository: git clone egyptiancoffins
  • Change to the directory and then run this command in terminal jekyll serve

To make changes

All instructions for this will be found in the wiki for this site. This covers setting up your machine to run Jekyll and Git, how to transfer changes from local machine to remote website and how the site works and fits together.


Content by:

Helen Strudwick, Julie Dawson, Melanie Pitkin, Jennifer Marchant.

Copyright the University of Cambridge unless noted otherwise.

Videos by Gavin Toomey and Patricia Wheatley.

Website by @portableant


GPLV3 for code, CC-BY for text, CC BY-NC-ND for images; unless stated otherwise.

Contributing guidelines

If you want to contribute fixes to this site, you are very welcome to do so. To do this, either add a bug report under issues or fork the repository and create a new branch for proposed fixes and then submit a pull request.