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Build Status Code Climate

After cloning the repository:

  • Install dependencies: bundle install
  • Run tests: bundle exec rake
  • Create the database: PADRINO_ENV=development bundle exec rake db:migrate
  • Populate the database: PADRINO_ENV=development bundle exec rake db:seed
  • Run the application: bundle exec padrino start

Note: the current implementation depends on Dropbox to store assignments files, so the following environment variables must be set:


There is a new variable which affects sending mails to student at time test result status is received. The variable is MAIL_PREVENT_NOTIFICATION_FOR. If it's set to test_result then mails about test execution status will not be sent to student. Otherwise, mail notifier will work as heretofore.

After performing these steps you can use the following users to log into the application:

Private documentation is available here.