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package repository
import (
// FakeConfigMap is an InMemory implementation of an ConfigMap repository
type FakeConfigMap struct {
configMaps map[string]v1.ConfigMap
// Get retrieves an ingress object by its name
func (h *FakeConfigMap) Get(namespace string, key string) (*v1.ConfigMap, error) {
config := h.configMaps[key]
return &config, nil
// Save stores the given configmap to the repository
func (h *FakeConfigMap) Save(configMap *v1.ConfigMap) (*v1.ConfigMap, error) {
h.configMaps[configMap.Name] = *configMap
return configMap, nil
// NewFakeConfigMapRepository returns an instance of the repository
func NewFakeConfigMapRepository() ConfigMapRepository {
return &FakeConfigMap{
configMaps: make(map[string]v1.ConfigMap),