Node.js module to communicate with JANUS-based apps
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A Node.js module to communicate with JANUS-generated applications. Written in TypeScript.



Easy. In your project, run

$ npm install --save git+

Note that there is no npm package. You should always just use the latest release tag if in doubt.


Except mocha for testing and promised-timeout no extra dependencies are required.

About SDS

SDS (or SDS2) is a synchronous binary application-layer protocol on top of TCP that "real" JANUS clients use to speak to JANUS servers.

It feels a little bit like RPC in the sense that you can execute operations on a remote server. Those operations can have an arbitrary number of parameters and usually return something back.

The protocol is quite old, cumbersome, and it is easy to make mistakes. Therefore you probably should just not use it at all. However, it gives you direct access to any JANUS-based server without the need to install additional SOAP or web service components.

Current status

This module does not support all SDS operations and calls. Only the pieces we needed to get along. There is probably still plenty missing. But it should not be terribly complicated to add support for those pieces.


If you want to hack on this module you could start with following recipe:

$ git clone  # Clone the repo
$ cd node-sds  #  Change into the source directory
$ npm install  # Install all dependencies
$ npm run --silent test  # Execute all tests

Happy hacking!