VS Code plugin for debugging JANUS applications
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Visual Studio Code plugin for developing and debugging JavaScript on DOCUMENTS 5.0 and other JANUS-based applications.



This extension allows you to debug your JavaScript code directly on a JANUS-based server like DOCUMENTS, otris contract, and otris privacy. This includes launching a script from within VS Code and executing it remotely on the server, setting breakpoints, stepping through the code, and evaluating expressions1.

This extensions includes lots of additional features that ease the development, especially on DOCUMENTS 5.


The following commands are supported.

Command Description
Uploading/Downloading Scripts
Upload Script Upload a script to the server
Upload Scripts from Folder Upload all scripts of a folder and all subfolders to the server
Download Script Download a script from the server.
Download All Scripts Download all scripts from the server to a folder
Reload Scripts If you have a folder that only contains a subset of your server scripts, then you can download only this set of scripts again with this command. The command also recursively dives into subfolders.
Compare Script Compare a script to the script with same name on server
Executing Scripts
Run Script Execute a script on server
Upload and Run Upload a script to the server and execute it
Developing Scripts
Install IntelliSense Install available Type Definition files and make sure that jsconfig.json or tsconfig.json exists. After executing this command, you will get IntelliSense completions for PortalScripting while editing your PortalScripts.
View Documentation Open the PortalScript API documentation in a browser. If a browser is set in vscode-janus-debug.browser the browser will jump to the documentation of the member or function that is selected by the curser in your editor.
DOCUMENTS Server Information
Connect Server Console Show all messages of the DOCUMENTS server in terminal
Disconnect Server Console Stop showing server messages in terminal
Show DOCUMENTS Version Show version of the DOCUMENTS server


The following features can be influenced by settings (in settings.json)


  • The setting vscode-janus-debug.encryptionOnUpload can be used to control encryption. There are three values.
    • default: a script is encrypted on upload, if the corresponding script on server is encrypted or the script source code contains // #crypt
    • always: scripts are always encrypted on upload.
    • never: scripts are never encrypted on upload.

Script Parameters as JSON

  • Parameters are uploaded and downloaded in a JSON file together with every script, if vscode-janus-debug.scriptParameters = true

Conflict Mode

  • A warning with option to cancel is shown on upload, if
    • The source code of the corresponding script has been changed on server
    • The script is encrypted on server and no decryption permission is available
  • The warning can be avoided, if
    • vscode-janus-debug.forceUpload = true

View Documentation in Browser

  • This command will jump directly to a function or member, if
    • In vscode-janus-debug.browser a browser is selected.

Server Console

  • Will be connected and disconnected automatically, if setting autoConnect in vscode-janus-debug.serverConsole is to true.

Auto-upload script on save

  • Scripts can be automatically uploaded every time you save the file. The default behavior is, that you will be asked at every time you press Ctrl + S, if the script should be uploaded. You can specify scripts that should always or never be uploaded without asking. Or you can switch this feature off by answering Never upload scripts automatically. If you want to turn the feature on again later, you only have to set vscode-janus-debug.uploadOnSaveGlobal to true in your user settings.


This extension is only compatible with the JANUS servers listed below. Not every version supports every feature:

Server version Up-/downloading / running scripts Remote debugging
privacy 6.1 X

If you suspect compatibility issues with your setup, please report them in the issue section.

Remote Debugging

If you want to use the remote debugging features you need at least DOCUMENTS 5.0d!

Add following line to your server's .ini file to enable the debugging engine:

JSDebugger yes
JSDebuggerPort 8089

Then restart your server process and make sure that your firewall rules and security groups allow access to TCP port 8089.

Known Issues

Please have a look at our issue tracker for a complete list of issues.


If something doesn't work, please try to reproduce the issue and file a bug here if it is not already known. Please remember to

  • Include the version you are using in the report.
  • Tell us which server application you are debugging against and on what OS that server is running.
  • Include any logs, if possible.

You'll find the log files in your ${workspaceRoot} which is usually the folder you opened in VS Code. The log files are plain-text files so that you can inspect them yourself. We do not log password hashes but the log files might contain source code or other data that you may consider sensitive. Please make sure that you are fine with the data contained in the log file before submitting.

You can alter log behavior in the .vscode/launch.json file.

"log": {
    "fileName": "${workspaceRoot}/vscode-janus-debug-launch.log",
    "logLevel": {
        "default": "Debug",

The default log level can be any of Debug, Info, Warn, or Error.


If you want to hack on this VS Code extension start with following recipe:

Fork the repository on our GitHub project page and then

$ git clone https://github.com/your-user-name/vscode-janus-debug.git  # Clone the forked repo
$ cd vscode-janus-debug/  # Change into the source directory
$ npm i  # Install necessary dependencies

Then open the folder in VS Code and you're all set. There are two configurations in the launch.json file, one configuration that starts a new instance of VS Code with just our extension installed, the so called Extension Host, the other configuration executes all tests using mocha.

Make sure you read the contribution guide. Happy hacking!

Legal Notice

This Visual Studio Code extension is developed by otris software AG and was initially released in March 2017. It is licensed under the MIT License, (see LICENSE file).

About otris software AG

As a software-based data and document management specialist, otris software AG supports company decision-makers in realizing management responsibilities. The solutions from otris software are available for this purpose. They can be used track, control and document all administrative processes completely and with full transparency. otris software is based in Dortmund, Germany.

For more information about otris software AG visit our website otris.de or our Open Source repositories at github.com/otris.


1 It uses the jsrdbg Debug Protocol to attach to a remote server and debug the JavaScript code executed by SpiderMonkey. Check it out if you want to know more.