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Let's encourage ad blocking

Bill Hicks on advertising

Are you protected against ads?

The purpose of this project is to test for and encourage the use of ad blockers.

It's a simple test to see if you have an ad blocker installed, and a recommendation to install one if you don't. We do not believe in 'acceptable advertising' so we also try to test for that and suggest a better adblocker if we detect it.

The intention is to have a page you can send to family and friends. When they access it, they will get a recommendation for an ad blocker that will run on their browser or device.

We recommend the appropriate uBlock Origin browser extension if we detect Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or Microsoft Edge.

We recommend Focus for iOS (although now that it's also a browser rather than the lighter content blocker it was before, better recommendations are welcome).

See our Block Ads! update for information on what we look for in an ad blocker.

Try it!

The code here is running on our site at:

Feel free to share that page with anyone you feel could benefit from more ad blocking.

More information?

See Why? and There are no acceptable ads


Web page to test ad blocking and encourage use of blockers.




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