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Plist Converter (v0.0.1)

Simple app to convert a Plist to CSV. Built with Electron.

Plist Converter screenshot

How it works

  1. click Select Plist to open the file picker for you to find and select a .plist file on your computer.
  2. click Preview Data to display the plist data in table format within the app.
  3. click Export CSV to open the save sheet and choose a filename and save location to store the data in a csv file.

Development status & warnings

This app is in an early stage of development. I can not guarantee expected behaviour in the following areas in particular:

  • Importing large plist files
  • Converting plist files that do not easily translate to a standard csv format (i.e. header row, no errors)
  • Saving large csv files

I'll be working on these areas and overall usability in the near term.


Download the app package

Download the Plist Converter app package for Mac OSX from here.

Note: this app is unsigned. It will not open unless you update your security settings in System Preferences to allow apps downloaded from anywhere.

To get started...

Clone the repository or download the zipped directory into your project folder (if you copy the files manually make sure you don't lose the various . config files).

Open Terminal window and cd into your project folder.

Type npm install to install dependencies.

Run in development

npm run dev (note, I often need to refresh the page after the application has launched)

Run in production

npm run build && npm run start

Create package

npm run package (creates app package in releases directory)

Additional Information

Follow the link to React Electron Starter for more information on how to get started with this repository.