The read-only PHP API for Turkopticon
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This is the read-only PHP API for Turkopticon, an employer review system for Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Install and configure

  1. Copy the files into an appropriate location. The files in /public should be public. The other files should not be.

  2. Make sure you have installed the php5-mysqlnd package. This lets you use PHP's mysqli_* functions.

  3. Rename dbconn-example.php to dbconn.php.

  4. Put your database credentials into dbconn.php.

  5. Make sure you have APC enabled.

  6. Make the log file:

    $ cd /path/to/api/log && touch multi-attrs.php.log
  7. Make sure the log can be written to. For example:

    $ cd /path/to/api/log && chmod 777 multi-attrs.php.log
  8. Make sure the log won't grow forever. For example, use logrotate or make a cron job like:

    0 0 1 * * cd /path/to/api/log && tail -n20000 multi-attrs.php.log > multi-attrs.old && echo "" > multi-attrs.log