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data_fabric has two layers of tests: unit tests and integration tests.

Running the Unit Tests

The unit tests test both with and without an actual database. test/database_test.rb tests against a database. The other unit tests mock AR so no actual database is required. You can use the standard test/database.yml which tests against SQLite3 or customize the provided test/database.yml.mysql. The “rake create_db” task will set up the necessary databases and tables.

Running the Integration Tests

data_fabric ships with an example application which shows an actual Rails application using data_fabric. You can customize config/database.yml but by default it uses a local Sqlite3 database so there should be no customization necessary.

Run the Rake task to prepare the application for testing. This will copy the latest data_fabric code to vendor/plugins, delete existing databases and migrate all the databases from scratch. You should then be able to run the example application's tests.

cd example
rake app:prepare
rake test

Submitting Bugs

If you think you've found a problem with data_fabric, contact me at mperham AT