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v0.8.20. Rails 2.3 support, remove old bin/fiveruns_tuneup executable.
v0.8.18. Fix deprecated use of Dependencies.
v0.8.17. Clean build to work around 0.8.16 build snafu (built from a non-clean clone)
v0.8.16. JRuby bug fix
v0.8.15. Removed use of all Rails JS helpers, this fixes an issue when jrails is used in the app (Thanks, Chris Zelenak)
v0.8.13. Improved unobtrusive branding.
v0.8.12. Added some inline branding.
v0.8.11. Signup and login for the TuneUp hosted service is now only required if the user wants to share a run (privately or publicly).
v0.8.10. Fixed TextMate links to be xhtml strict 1.0 compliant.
v0.8.9. Fixed broken rendering of TuneUp stack information when serving xhtml strict pages with a content-type of application/xhtml+xml.
v0.8.8. Fixed login broken when serving pages as xhtml strict. Filtered params logged to tuneup.log. TuneUp partials now rendered with exlicit extensions (.html.erb).
v0.8.7. Sandboxed javascript for non-Prototype apps (Thanks, Howard Rauscher). The tuneup.log now written explicitly to RAILS_ROOT/log. Removed History.rdoc in favor of CHANGELOG.
v0.8.6. Performance optimizations, CSS fixes that prevents some layout issues that occurred when system doesn't have tuneup's preferred fonts.
v0.8.5. Handle valid content types other than text/html (like strict XHTML with content type application/xhmtl+xml).
v0.8.4. Fixes for forgery protection breaking the panel, significant work on display issues (including CSS isolation concerns and alert notices pushing down absolute/fixed elements), and support for environmental configuration. Support for Rails 2.1 development mode as a gem dependency.
v0.8.3. Beta release.
v0.8.1. First gem package with basic functionality