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Known Issues

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Ongoing Issues

Due to the difficulty of sufficiently isolating the TuneUp panel from the host application, CSS can interfere with the TuneUp panel, making things ugly/unusable. We’d appreciate any CSS (or JS) that help fix this problem (please send pull requests!)

  • CSS to line bars up only goes down to an explicit depth; bars in steps deeper than 6 (?) may shift right.
  • Negative “Other” values have been reported (
  • Very small time values are shown as 0.0; this can be misleading
  • Handle valid content types other than text/html (like strict XHTML with content type application/xhmtl+xml) (fixed: v0.8.5)
  • Alert notices push down absolute/fixed elements (fixed: v0.8.4)
  • Doesn’t appear to be compatible with ActionWebService when installed in vendor/gems (see
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