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= Unreleased
* Implement a consistent hashing algorithm, as described in libketama.
This dramatically reduces the cost of adding or removing servers dynamically
as keys are much more likely to map to the same server.
Take a scenario where we add a fourth server. With a dumb modulo algorithm, about
25% of the keys will map to the same server. In other words, 75% of your memcached
content suddenly becomes invalid. With a consistent algorithm, 75% of the keys
will map to the same server as before - only 25% will be invalidated.
* Remove native C CRC32_ITU_T extension in favor of Zlib's crc32 method.
memcache-client is now pure Ruby again and will work with JRuby and Rubinius.
* Get test suite working again (packagethief)
* Ruby 1.9 compatiblity fixes (packagethief, mperham)
* Consistently return server responses and check for errors (packagethief)
* Properly calculate CRC in Ruby 1.9 strings (mperham)
* Drop rspec in favor of test/unit, for 1.9 compat (mperham)
= (FiveRuns fork)
* Integrated ITU-T CRC32 operation in native C extension for speed. Thanks to Justin Balthrop!
= (FiveRuns fork)
* Add support for seamless failover between servers. If one server connection dies,
the client will retry the operation on another server before giving up.
* Merge Will Bryant's socket retry patch.
= (FiveRuns fork)
* Fix set not handling client disconnects.
= 1.5.0
* Add MemCache#flush_all command. Patch #13019 and bug #10503. Patches
submitted by Sebastian Delmont and Rick Olson.
* Type-cast data returned by MemCache#stats. Patch #10505 submitted by
Sebastian Delmont.
= 1.4.0
* Fix bug #10371, #set does not check response for server errors.
Submitted by Ben VandenBos.
* Fix bug #12450, set TCP_NODELAY socket option. Patch by Chris
* Fix bug #10704, missing #add method. Patch by Jamie Macey.
* Fix bug #10371, handle socket EOF in cache_get. Submitted by Ben
= 1.3.0
* Apply patch #6507, add stats command. Submitted by Tyler Kovacs.
* Apply patch #6509, parallel implementation of #get_multi. Submitted
by Tyler Kovacs.
* Validate keys. Disallow spaces in keys or keys that are too long.
* Perform more validation of server responses. MemCache now reports
errors if the socket was not in an expected state. (Please file
bugs if you find some.)
* Add #incr and #decr.
* Add raw argument to #set and #get to retrieve #incr and #decr
* Also put on MemCacheError when using Cache::get with block.
* memcache.rb no longer sets $TESTING to a true value if it was
previously defined. Bug #8213 by Matijs van Zuijlen.
= 1.2.1
* Fix bug #7048, MemCache#servers= referenced changed local variable.
Submitted by Justin Dossey.
* Fix bug #7049, MemCache#initialize resets @buckets. Submitted by
Justin Dossey.
* Fix bug #6232, Make Cache::Get work with a block only when nil is
returned. Submitted by Jon Evans.
* Moved to the seattlerb project.
= 1.2.0
NOTE: This version will store keys in different places than previous
versions! Be prepared for some thrashing while memcached sorts itself
* Fixed multithreaded operations, bug 5994 and 5989.
Thanks to Blaine Cook, Erik Hetzner, Elliot Smith, Dave Myron (and
possibly others I have forgotten).
* Made memcached interoperable with other memcached libraries, bug
4509. Thanks to anonymous.
* Added get_multi to match Perl/etc APIs
= 1.1.0
* Added some tests
* Sped up non-multithreaded and multithreaded operation
* More Ruby-memcache compatibility
* More RDoc
* Switched to Hoe
= 1.0.0