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Antiquities Act

This folder contains the data behind the story Trump Might Be The First President To Scrap A National Monument.

This data was compiled by the National Parks Conservation Association and includes national monuments that were created by presidents by under the Antiquities Act. It does not include national monuments created by Congress.

Header Definition
current_name Current name of piece of land designated under the Antiquities Act
states State(s) or territory where land is located
original_name If included, original name of piece of land designated under the Antiquities Act
current_agency Current land management agency. NPS = National Parks Service, BLM = Bureau of Land Management, USFS = US Forest Service, FWS = US Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA = National Oceanic and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
action Type of action taken on land
date Date of action
year Year of action
pres_or_congress President or congress that issued action
acres_affected Acres affected by action. Note that total current acreage is not included. National monuments that cover ocean are listed in square miles.

Sources: National Parks Conservation Association and National Parks Service Archeology Program